ABOUT fashion designer Natalie Friesen and DigFashion brand

  • Who am I and why do I do what I do?
  • What is my education and what does fashion mean to me?
  • My passion and my mission

I was first introduced to sewing and designing when I was three years old. My grandmother, who was an excellent seamstress, taught me how to sew colorful buttons on a baby's blanket. Then my first steps in cutting and sewing clothes for dolls followed, and later for myself.

During my school years, I gained expertise in "Modeling and Designing and Sewing Contemporary Garments" and "Artistic Hand and Machine Knitting".

I studied at the American Color Alliance BEAUTY FOR ALL SEASONS, Inc., the discipline of COLORISTICS, and received the Color Analyst certificate. I have an Image Consultant Certificate from the Ukrainian TV and Radio Broadcasting Institute.

Also, I am an academic painter and I very much enjoy painting on the clothes I create.

After many years of fashion-making experiences, in 2013 I began a cooperation with the American world-famous jazz musician David Friesen, for whom I sewed many clothes he wears in concert settings. I continue this work to this day, even (of course!!!) after we were married in 2022.

In 2018, I founded my own clothing and fashion accessories brand DigFashion.

You can look at my Instagram or YouTube channel to seeing my path from the very first steps on the fashion industry until the current time.

Why am I involved in fashion design?

Because I have my own, personal vision regarding the harmony between shape and style. I have my unique way of combining colors and fabric textures. I pay a great deal of attention to fitting the clothes to body shape to express the conceived image.

I don't want to dictate fashion!

In my opinion, any dictate is violence... I am different! I don't want to lecture you on what you should and shouldn't wear. Through clothes, we express our inner world and mood, and we show others our personality in the quickest way. You know how this works! We only need to look at a person for a few seconds and we already have a basic idea of who is standing in front of us!

So, I'm against dictates in fashion!

I am a big supporter of free will and creativity in what to wear and what to combine with what. Let everyone have this freedom!

I embody my ideas into finished garments from the beginning to the end (ideas, patterns, sewing...), all these I am making by myself and displaying them on my website.

I make only UNIQUE GARMENTS. Each piece is ONE OF A KIND!

My mission is to create high-quality timeless slow-fashion garments to help you express yourself and curate your authentic style.
• Dig deep,
• Identify yourself,
• Go show it!

Kind regards,
Natalie Friesen